Hope For A Generation, Lunamar A Real Experience

This past September I went to South Africa to take a break and just chill out after a summer full of work. I wanted to go surf and deepen my yoga practice for a month. It was not until the day I arrived, that I realized the universe had other plans for me.

As I arrived in South Africa I was granted with the gift of meeting a group of local people who so graciously welcomed me into their community. I’ve never felt a love so strong for a group of people whom I have never met before.

I wrote this poem below, speaking about myself in South Africa, as I felt like a minority and looked at differently because the color of my skin. After meeting this beautiful group of people, I then realized it was then that we were connected by the same thing.

Do not judge me upon the color of my skin,
for you do not really know me, without looking within.

My hair, my laughter, the language I speak,
for these characteristics make me beautiful,
other times, can make me feel so weak.

For all I ask of you is to look at the way I live my life and the struggles that I face.
For this journey is only a journey and should not be lived as if it were arace.

We are in this together, but yet we are so divided
I write this in only hopes to make us more united.

The more I see of the world,
the less I seem to know.
For it is with every new experience,
the more I have the chance to grow.
We all look different, even in the way we see.
We live to express ourselves, we all just want to be.
We all want the same things such as peace and love.

Why can’t we just see that we came here together from the sky just up above?
Perhaps, it is because of the dogma we were taught to believe.
We need to wake up as a society and learn to think for ourselves,
for that I know this is something we can achieve.
So let us come together now and create avibration.
Share this post with others, see how many we can get across the nation.

Post a picture of yourself in black and white,
so that we can come together and end this terrible fight.
That it does not matter what gender you are or the color of your skin
It is about the love you have to share, that can only come from within.

I shared this post via Facebook in hopes of creating an impact throughout our community by creating
more awareness about the issue. That by changing our pictures to black and white it would represent that it does not matter the color of your skin or what gender you are, that it is only about the love that we have within, that represents who we are.

Stay conscious to the issues that are going on throughout the world and always remember to create a
vibration of love on your journey. Stay tuned with Lunamar as we will continue to bring love and light as it is our mission.

Love and light family x

Until next time!


  By Katlynn O’connor