Why should I? Turning Ignorance into Understanding.

A question that many of us may ask, why should I? If there is no beneficial factor for ourselves, more than likely we are just programmed not to do it. Why should I clean up something that is not mine? Why should I? Our oceans and beaches are filling up with more and more rubbish every single day, but yet we are too damn occupied and busy with our lives that we feel as if picking up one small piece of garbage will not make any difference. Well that’s not the case in Muizenberg, South Africa where a monthly beach clean up takes place every first Saturday.

As I made my way down to the beach, I was greeted by Kevin Rack, a super laid back local who runs the clean up. Followed by three other fellow backpackers, it was to my surprise that would be all the crew consisted of. For some reason Muize’s don’t feel the need to participate in the clean up, as the town runs a organization where it gives food vouchers to the homeless for handing in bags of trash. For some reason if theres nothing in it for us, we are not going do it, this ignorance is what has been destroying our planet.

“There is more than what meets the eye.” Said Kevin, as he showed me a pile of styrofoam pieces that were hidden beneath the bushes. The garbage that we see on the streets and the beaches are just a small percentage of the garbage that is actually hidden beneath the rocks and what is sitting at the bottom of the ocean.

Other locals like Chanel Dankert, founder of Back2Nature natural skin products and yoga teacher are thinking outside the box in terms in motivating people, as she offers a discount for her beach yoga classes if you join 30 minutes before the class for a beach clean up. If you are keen to be apart of this movement, please go onto her Facebook page for details.

What we don’t realize is by just helping out, were creating a bigger vibration than just picking up some rubbish. If someone sees you doing something good for the earth, your creating a positive vibration that maybe one moment in their lives they will do something differently, just because they saw you doing something good. You are planting seeds of consciousness into your mind and the minds of others without even realizing it.

If you do live by the beach, your more likely to be more conscious of what you consume, how you consume it and where it is going. Ever since I started my travels two years ago, I’ve become more and more aware of what I am buying and where it is going after I am done using it. As I am a work in progress as well and defiantly need a kick in the butt to remind myself sometimes, we all need to be more conscious and remind eachother.

One of my biggest pet peeve’s and questions is why do we need to put our fruits and vegetables in plastic bags just to take them out and put them in the refrigerator or counter?! Thus if we do, then why are we throwing them out after we are done using them?! It is about having this awareness of these small things that truly matter and truly does make the difference. Just as cleaning up the beaches will only go so far, it is about what we consume and how we reuse it that will have an even bigger impact on the earth.

So with that, I hope I grabbed your attention enough to make you feel different about the next time you see garbage wherever it maybe, but my only wish is to leave you with a more conscious mind than you had before reading this. To be an example to inspire others to be an example.

Until next time tribeners, my love and light always.


 By Katlynn O’connor



Check out Chanel’s organic skin care line and don’t be afraid to send her a message if you ever visit Cape Town as she is a such beautiful spirit to be in contact with.


Give a like and start following Muize’s Beach Clean Up Page to see and hear about future projects!