Aluna Freediving

Learn the art of freediving with us!


This course is for anyone who would like to get a first taste of what freediving is all about, but doesn’t have the time to enroll on a 2 days Freediver course.

Course duration: 1/2 day

Price: $100 us


The Freediver Course is designed for those with little or no experience in the ocean, and also for those who have never experienced formal education before in freediving thou having some underwater experience.

This course will enable you to feel safe and comfortable when freediving to depths of up to 20 metres, and to improve what you already can do even to double your potential. Although this might sound difficult to achieve in a few days, you will be surprised what an experienced team of Freediving Instructors can do for you. Our unique breathing techniques, together with the effective structure of the course program in the classroom and water sessions creates a fun educative environment and a successful freediving experience.

The Freediver Course is divided into two academic lessons and two water sessions. During our academic classroom session Instructors interact with students using videos, questions and different breathing exercises which help to improve confidence, knowledge and techniques prior to the afternoon’s water session. During our water sessions we have a normal ratio of 2 students to 1 Instructor, with an absolute maximum of 3 to 1; allowing for greater personalised attention and tuition. Our Instructors are with the students at all times while underwater regardless of depth, thus increasing student confidence and safety.

Upon completion of the Freediver Course, you will receive a certification as well as private online access to the Freediver Course materials, so that you can maintain your freediving knowledge.


Must be able to independently swim 200m with or without fins.

Minimum age: 15years

Course duration: 2 days

Price: $230 us

***Junior Freediver course available for ages 11 to 14 years. Depth limit is 12 metres.


The Advanced Freediver Course is designed to take students to a whole new level of freediving.

By the completion of this course students will be surprised to achieve depths of over 30 metres on one breath alone. The most advanced breathing techniques together with our specific preparation for deep dives will make this possible even if you have just started in the sport.

The Advanced Freediver Course is divided into 3 academic/breathing sessions, 1 pool session and 2 deep water sessions. This includes static apnea with breath-holds of over 3 minutes in the water, even if you think that this is impossible our Instructors will reveal with success your true aquatic potential. During our deep diving water sessions you will progressively achieve new depths with knowledge, control, comfort and fun. The highly-experienced Apnea Total Instructors will be by your side at all times while underwater and will guide you with precise instructions for breathing, relaxation and techniques necessary to achieve these depths.

Upon completion of the Advanced Freediver Course, you will receive a certification as well as private online access to the Advanced Freediver Course materials, so that you can maintain your freediving knowledge.


Apnea Total Freediver Certification, or equivalent certification level from another freediving organisation.

Course duration: 3 days

Price: $300 us


Surfing is one of the world’s most extreme water sports. The level of activity can vary from calm, slow, easy surfs to explosive, fast and extreme experiences.

It doesn’t matter what level of surfer you are, or the size of waves you ride, with this course regardless of the type of surfer you are, you will benefit from learning how to increase your lung capacity and core strength.

 You will learn to not only relax your mind and body, but also the right techniques to help you maximize your apnea time (breath-hold) as well as learning to control your diaphragm. All exercises will lead in the lung run to a fitter body/mind preparing you for those breath-holding experiences during wipeouts.  All of this will result on allowing you to surf bigger more challenging waves and/or becoming a more confident surfer.



Must be able to swim 200m without fins.

Minimum age: 15 (10 with parental consent)

Course duration: This course will adjust to the individual/group needs and can be completed in minimum 2 days.

Price: Inquiry for details.

10% of all courses go towards the #OceanWarriorsProject