Learn the art of freediving with us!


This is not the typical freediving school, here you are coming for a full epic experience and nothing short of that. So if you are ok with not having AC, waking up to the most breathtaking isolated sea views, eating the freshest local healthiest meals and living right where the action happens (the ocean), all of this while giving back to the planet then you are the right candidate to come for an adventure of a lifetime.


We got it all! So either you have no experience whatsoever and want to learn how to freedive, or you have already taken a course or two and want to practice and take your skills to the next level or you simply enjoy easy snorkelling and would like to learn more techniques to relax better in the water, we will customize your trip to your needs.  In our free diving courses you will have the opportunity to learn how to breath efficiently to maximize your dives, calm your mind and enter that perfect meditation state all of us freedivers love to achieve.  In only few days you will notice how much more relaxed and beautiful your dives will feel, and the only danger you may experience is getting addicted to that indescribable sensation of being one with the ocean.


Have you ever felt like the waves were going to drown you? If you have ever surfed no matter what level you are, you most probably have experienced the sensation of getting pinned to the ocean floor waiting for that big set of waves to let you go back to the surface and finally breathe. So then you ask yourself how come some surfers manage to stay absolutely cool and chilled during hectic wipeouts? Well during your adventure we can also teach you all you need to know to be one of those calm surfers. You will learn to not only relax your mind and body, but also the right techniques to help you increase your breathhold and make you a much calmer and more confident surfer. All of this will result on allowing you to surf bigger and simply surf better.


Have you ever dreamed of having a house located in a paradise sort of place and then being able to move whenever you feel like? What about falling asleep listening to the ocean hitting the hull of a sailboat while the tropical fresh breeze sneaks in through all open spaces and the as you look outside you can see every star on the sky? Then waking up to the sound of birds and then going outside to and encountering the bluest freshest ocean water you’ve seen?. Well our adventures are all offered abroad a beautiful sailboat navigating the stunning unchartered waters around South East Asia, so if you have any experience sailing you could be captain for the day or we can easily show you the ropes and get you sailing. We sail to very untouched destinations and this is why we rather not give out our current location as it is better to keep the best kept secrets as what they are. So please email us for details! 🙂


Don’t feel like doing just freediving or increasing your breathold? Well as mentioned we will customize your adventure to your expectations. Weather you want to focus more on some spearfishing, yoga, fishing, surfing or simply sailing and island hoping we will do all of that on a daily basis pretty much. We are explorers and ocean frothers so we never stop trying to find the next secret paradisiacal island and anchorage to have all for ourselves. Then following a day full of frothing what about heading to one of those deserted beaches and lighting a bum fire and maybe throw a jam session?. We really are very lucky to be exploring some of the most beautiful tropical heavens on this planet and we will more than happy to share this one of a life time experience with you.

10% of all courses go towards our charities