With this OCEAN AWARENESS project we plan to take our workshops around coastal communities in developing countries, as well to Canada in order to educate and interact with the children and the youth. We believe that the future of our planet belongs to the children, and by educating them and introducing them to the big blue through freediving they can learn to understand, respect and appreciate the reef ecosystems and their extreme importance for the survival of our planet.


Our educational/water workshop includes subjects such as :


  • How the the reef ecosystems works.
  • The importance of its conservation.
  • Biggest threats and alternatives.
  • Ways to prevent damaging the reef.
  • Sustainable fishing practices.
  • Alternative sustainable economy depending on their region.
  • Reef restoration practices and clinics when possible.
  • Meditation
  • Mind control exercises.
  • Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Diving safety.
  • Breathing exercises and techniques.
  • Swimming lessons Level 1.
  • Snorkeling lessons Level 2.
  • Freediving lessons Level 3.
  • Rescue and safety techniques.
  • Fish identification.
  • Reef identification.
  • Reef restoration (with advanced teenage students) .

We are calling all sponsors and donors to support us and help us make this dream come true. Volunteer opportunities will also be available so please stay in touch for future updates.