Luna is the Moon ~Mar is the Sea




After years of living around the globe, with the ocean as my office and discovering the most wonderful people and cultures, the rough idea of this project came to mind. Everything around inspired me: the late night conversations trying to fix the world, the exotic meals, the long bus rides, and the genuine smiles of strangers. I dreamt of being someone who could change the world and I knew it was time for my dream to become a reality. From being a girl that started making her own bikinis while living more under the majestic ocean than in land and same girl who at 10 years old got suspended from school for starting her own handmade bracelet business, I knew I was able to bring something unique, something ethical, something that represented who I am while being able to do my part for the planet. But how would I do this? My immense passion for the ocean, nature and environmental issues combined with my love of handmade creations, were the seeds that brought Lunamar to life back in 2012. Thanks to all of our amazing supporters and the success of two collections , it has become clearer than ever that we can do more to create a difference with the help of a new fresh team. Our ethical handmade swimwear and bracelets are created with love and consciousness in order to help conserve the environment, the wildlife and educate and empower the youth. Lunamar is here for you, for me, for the planet. Let’s share the love in every corner of Planet Earth, this beautiful place we call home.


Love & Consciousness, Marcela

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