Luna is the Moon ~Mar is the Sea




Marcela, Founder of Lunamar for the Planet, was raised in Colombia by environmentally conscious parents who instilled in her a deep appreciation for nature. Growing up surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the ocean and jungle in Colombia, Marcela developed a strong connection with the environment from an early age. Her upbringing shaped her values and ignited a passion for conservation.

As a refugee/new comer to Canada at the age of 16, she pursue her studies in the Performing Arts and was an avid volunteer for Greenpeace Canada and the #FreetheTanks movement. Years later, Marcela embarked on a remarkable journey traveling the world for over 12 years. During her extensive travels, she volunteered on different continents, immersing herself in diverse cultures and witnessing the environmental challenges faced by various communities. These experiences fueled her determination to make a positive impact on a global scale.

Motivated by her passion for ocean conservation and her belief in the potential of young people, Marcela founded Lunamar for the Planet. LFTP is an organization dedicated to empowering youth and protecting the planet. Through LFTP, Marcela and her team provide the younger generation with the tools and knowledge they need to create significant change in their communities while promoting environmental sustainability. Her goal is to inspire and equip youth to become leaders and catalysts for a better, more sustainable future.

Marcela’s ¬†journey, from her Colombian upbringing to her travels around the world, has led her to dedicate her life to ocean conservation and youth empowerment through Lunamar for the Planet. With her organization, she strives to create a generation of environmentally conscious individuals who are equipped to make a meaningful impact and protect the planet for generations to come.


Love & Consciousness, Marcela

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